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What keeps us away from the things we want? It is fear. The word is as simply as it looks. But it can cause serious problems in our life. You need to concrete your fear to success. It is hard. And it is sometimes take your energy away. But at least you don't feel like you fail, or you don't give up something. Because when you learn how to over come fear and you become fearless you will become your true self. It maybe sound so poetic. But it is true. I always say it is better to over come fear then regret something. Sometimes is hard and sometimes you feel like you cannot make that step. Like it is the hardest thing ever. But at the end. When you will do what is necessary you will become hero. Like kind version of it for yourself. So you want to success I'm some subject? Start to work on it. In baby steps maybe but at the end you will feel awsome. Maybe want to invite someone out! Do it. The worst what can happen is word no. And then you know it wasn't the right person …

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